Genel Özellikler

As a wide format hybrid printer with UV ink technology, the EFI H1625 LED combines the advantages of wide-format role-to-role and flatbed printing. It produces high quality images in widths up to 1.6 meters, is extremely versatile and allows printing on flexible media as well as rigid materials. The H1625 LED is ideal for premium rigid and soft-signage applications. Using true eight-level variable drop greyscale technology and LED UV cured inks, it delivers stunning images and durable prints across the widest variety of substrates. Environmentally friendly, it features optimized ink usage, produces minimal VOC levels compared to solvent-based printers and less heat than latex printers, lowering your energy costs. Whether you are a Commercial Printer, focus on Point-of-Purchase and signage applications, cater to the graphics market, or run eco-solvent or latex printing equipment – even for in-house print shops the H1625 LED is the alternative to upgrade or expand, driving diversification and profitability. 

  • Hybrid wide format printer - Printing on flexible roll-to-roll media as well as on rigid materials for premium margin applications
  • H1625 LED 8-Level greyscale variable drop technology for photographic image quality
  • Digital Advantage - Ideal for lucrative short- and medium-run WIDE FORMAT printing
  • CMYK + double white printing - For more vivid colours and beautiful 3-layer white applications
  • Productivity in different quality modes for high quality and high speed wide format applications